Arts & Crafts Booth

Arts & Crafts Booth

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Vendor Requirements

  • All entries, both new & previous vendors, are screened for quality. Festival accepts or rejects an applicant to insure variety & quality. Photos or website displaying your crafts & booth are required with your application. Enclose a SASE to have photos returned.
  • All jewelry vendors must create/assemble their own jewelry, no re-sale or pre-made jewelry.
  • Vendors may not sell any product that creates excessive clean-up, such as peanuts in shells. Vendor trash must be taken with you.
  • No direct sales vendors such as Tupperware, Mary Kay, etc. There are two exceptions: we have one direct sales vendor who is grandfathered in, and our chamber members in a special section.

    Setup & Takedown

    Set-up Saturday morning begins at 7:00 & must be complete by 10:00. Drive your vehicle to your space, unload, move your car to parking, and then set up your booth. A parking pass will be provided at check-in. This must be displayed on dashboard to park in Vendor Parking. All other vehicles park in general parking.

    DO NOT BLOCK TRAFFIC FLOW.  Take-down is 6 p.m. Vehicles may not be driven into festival until 6:30 p.m.

    Tickets & Festival Entry

    Vendors are given free General Admission when arriving for set-up. If you need other tickets, please purchase them in advance on this website. Those arriving to setup do not need a ticket. You must purchase ticket for helpers coming into the festival later.